Blue Ram Eggs

It has happened again! My blue rams have laid eggs!

This time around we’re ready for whatever nature throws at us. I have a separate tank waiting in the shadows in case I feel the need to pull them fry from the parents. However, so far the rams have done well!

Here’s to hoping that I will be drowning in ram babies soon.

Blue Ram Eggs Day #1 (Laid: 1/13/2017)


Upon waking up today I was greeted by the sight of new Blue Ram eggs!

Now I have had my pair spawn numerous times before. However, they have yet to raise a successful spawn despite the male’s tenacious efforts due to some frustrating habits. In other words, my female loves nothing more than devouring her own defenseless children. So I have taken it upon myself to play Mother Goose for this clutch.

The setup:

  • 5 gallon tank with water removed from parent tank. Temperature is at 82 degrees, pH at 7.0, and 0/0/10 for the water parameters.
  • Small sponge filter
  • Aqueon Pro heater
  • Digital thermometer
  • Additional air stone positioned over the eggs
  • 2.5 mL of Hydrogen Peroxide added

Why Hydrogen Peroxide?
I’ve lazily pulled eggs from my Rams before and each time they’ve met an untimely death due to fungus. Methylene blue might have been a better choice. However, with none on hand, and a sudden urge to have fry, I had to throw some things together.

Now this will be my first real attempt at raising cichlid fry in almost a decade. I don’t have the highest hopes but if we can make it past the first couple of days I am confident that I will be overrun with Ram babies soon.