It’s not often that you see these words in the same sentence! Here’s a look at a tank that I’ve been keeping secret. Admittedly, it’s not planted yet but it is ready to go to the next step and I am excited to say that it should be all planted up by the end of the week! I purchased a macroalgae frag pack from Reef Cleaners. It’s the equivalent of a mystery box of frags, so I’m excited to see what arrives! Did you guys know that coraline algae comes in many different forms other than encrusting?! I found a branching form called Soft Coraline. It looks incredible! I’ll be sure to get some pics of it once the tank has been planted.

This also gave me a chance to finally try Fritz RPM salt and TurboStart 900. I have to admit that Turbostart stinks to high heaven, but it really does smell like bacteria! Don’t ask me how I know that.




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