40 Gallon Tank Build

In every fish keeper’s life, there comes a point and time where you must do the dreaded “d-word”; downsize. That is what I will be doing two weeks from now. Due to my enthusiasm for my hobby, and my undiagnosed collectoritis that I lovingly refer to as Multiple Tank Syndrome, I have accumulated a sizable number of tanks. Nine, to be exact. And that’s not counting my various quarantine tanks. However, two weeks from now I will get a fresh start in a new apartment and I am taking this chance to unclutter my fish room and get back to basics. I’ve had my eye on a supremely weird tank at my local Petco that was made by a company with an equally weird name: Imagitarium.


An Imagitarium aquarium just rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it? It’s touted as being a modular aquarium because the white stand and canopy are completely customizable. You can pull off each of the panels on the sides of the aquarium or canopy and swap them with similar panels of a different color. These panels attach to the metal frame hidden beneath the aquarium with the help of some cleverly placed magnets. What I liked about this tank when I saw it was how clean and well hidden everything is. Oh, and there’s something to be said about a crisp-white stand. It certainly has an aesthetic appeal.

Aesthetics aside, I need a larger aquarium than the ones that I currently have so that I can reduce my number of tanks from nine to three. The real problem will be figuring out the stocking of this aquarium. I have my heart set on a Betta sorority but I know that it is a challenging ordeal to take on and do it well given the nature of Betta splendens. Here is my concept sketch of my aquascape that I did MS Paint style while successfully avoiding homework:

tank concept.png

For my hardscape, I’ve chosen to go with Spiderwood and Seiryu stone. I really love the look of Spiderwood and managed to find an online seller with a good selection. Choosing the plants will be even harder. I have a ton of plants to use and not enough real estate within this tank to place them. But I do know that the red plants will be Alternanthera reineckii and the darker green plant will be Bacopa caroliniana. As for the rest of the plants, we will just to have to see what happens! I also have a really special “centerpiece stone” coming. Once the materials come in I will add an update post and continue the saga of the Imagitarium Aquarium.

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