Aphyosemion gardneri “Gold”

Also known as Fundulopanchax gardneri “Gold” depending on which person you ask. This is my first experience with hatching Killifish eggs and, admittedly, I have no idea what I’m doing. However, I will be cataloging any and all updates regarding this first collection of eggs on this blog post until the fish become juveniles. I expect this to become a more detailed post at time goes on.

Purchased from: Aquabid seller
Purchase date: 1/13/2017
Arrived: 1/20/2017
Collection date: N/A
Egg Count: 35
Wetted: 1/21/2017

1/21/2017: No real progress.
1/22/2017: No real progress. Removed one egg due to fungus.
1/23/2017: No real progress. I can see a few eggs “eyeing up”.
1/24/2017: No real progress.
1/25/2017: No real progress.
1/26/2017: No real progress.
1/27/2017: Removed one egg due to fungus. I can see tons of little eyes on the fertilized eggs now!
1/28/2017: No real progress.
1/29/2017: No real progress. The 9th day. We should be nearing the conclusion soon.
1/30/2017: No real progress.
1/31/2017: No real progress.
2/1/2017: No real progress.
2/2/2017: Three fry have been spotted! Fed with microworms.
2/3/2017 – 2/7: 2017: No more fry have hatched. There are now 4 eating microworms three times a day.
2/7/2017 – 2/19/2017: Seven fry in total. They are eating baby brine and microworms. They’re still in their tiny plastic container and floating within their 3G rearing tank. The plan is to release them into their rearing tank once they hit about a month old and gain some more size.
3/7/2017: The fry have been released into a 3G holding tank. They’re feisty and still eating a combination of microworms and baby brine brine; both hatched and freshly frozen). I am experimenting with them eating Aquarium Co-op’s Small Fry Food. Here’s to hoping that they’ll accept prepared foods.

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