My Intentions


What I intend to do with this blog:

Weekly Water Logs

  • Detailed notes on my personal aquariums including breeding updates, water test results, and any other changes.
  • Quick species write-ups when I receive new fish.
    My photographs will be posted in the blogs and/or the gallery. All photos are shot on a Nikon D3300 with minimal editing. With tyheach photo I take and edit my qaulity will improve.
  • Meeting descriptions for my local club and auction hosted by the James River Aquarium Society on the days that I attend.
  • Thoughts and experiences on national-level clubs like the American Killifish Association and the International Betta Congress.

My other social media:

  • Facebook is where I will respond the fastest.
  • Instagram will be a more personal look into my life.
  • YouTube will come much later.

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