Blue Ram Eggs Day #1 (Laid: 1/13/2017)


Upon waking up today I was greeted by the sight of new Blue Ram eggs!

Now I have had my pair spawn numerous times before. However, they have yet to raise a successful spawn despite the male’s tenacious efforts due to some frustrating habits. In other words, my female loves nothing more than devouring her own defenseless children. So I have taken it upon myself to play Mother Goose for this clutch.

The setup:

  • 5 gallon tank with water removed from parent tank. Temperature is at 82 degrees, pH at 7.0, and 0/0/10 for the water parameters.
  • Small sponge filter
  • Aqueon Pro heater
  • Digital thermometer
  • Additional air stone positioned over the eggs
  • 2.5 mL of Hydrogen Peroxide added

Why Hydrogen Peroxide?
I’ve lazily pulled eggs from my Rams before and each time they’ve met an untimely death due to fungus. Methylene blue might have been a better choice. However, with none on hand, and a sudden urge to have fry, I had to throw some things together.

Now this will be my first real attempt at raising cichlid fry in almost a decade. I don’t have the highest hopes but if we can make it past the first couple of days I am confident that I will be overrun with Ram babies soon.

One thought on “Blue Ram Eggs Day #1 (Laid: 1/13/2017)

  1. Update on the Ram fry: Unsuccessful. The eggs hatched after meticulously preening them for fungus. However, due to my busy schedule, and not having any appropriate medications like Methlene Blue, the fungus gradually took over the wigglers.

    However, the Rams will keep trying and there will be Blue Ram fry in the future!


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